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As the Formula 1 paddock prepares to celebrate the 1,000th World Championship race, Williams are still battling to finish the last one.

Kubica and Russell are still driving around the Bahrain circuit in Race number 999 despite the Grand Prix being done and metaphorically and literally dusted for two weeks.

There are fears that Kubica won’t be finished in time, meaning the grid could be missing one of its most historic teams on the weekend the sport celebrates its rich history.

“It’s a race against time for us” Williams Deputy Team Principal Claire Williams confirmed, “cos there’s no one actually left to race”

“We can’t wait to celebrate this massive milestone, but Robert still has 27 laps to go” Claire Williams told us.

“But we look forward to being a part of Race 1000, whilst all the other teams move on to Races 1001, 1002 and 1003”

Williams told reporters she and the team were sad to be missing, given the significance of the achievement.

“1,000 is a very special number for us at Williams” Claire Williams confirmed.

“It’s our entire racing budget for 2019, it’s how many pieces of metal are in Robert’s arm, it’s the price of a ROKiT 3D phone and it’s how many seconds it takes George to complete a lap”

“So we’re gutted not to be there, but we’ll be there in spirit!” Williams told us.

“Just like the 2019 season”


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