F1 Team LH China
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Lewis Hamilton praised his loyal “Team LH China” following for their unwavering support throughout the Chinese GP.

It has been revealed however, that even Hamilton’s devout fans were bored by the race.

“Love might conquer all, but it doesn’t conquer our boredom.” one fan said whilst exiting the grand stand in Shanghai.

Team LH sent Chinese social media into meltdown as they vented their frustrations!

“I’m throwing away my Lewis Hamilton Bose headphones!” one fan wrote on WeChat.

“I’m burning my Tommy x Lewis jacket!” another fan posted on Sina Weibo

“I’m removing him as my Profile Picture on MoMo*” said one fan.

It’s reported that Hamilton’s comprehensive race victory even bored Chinese President Xi Jingping, a long time member of Team LH China.

“My meetings with Donald Trump were more exciting.”

It’s understood Team LH China is one of Hamilton’s largest fan bases in the world, and as Lewis’ Head of PR explained, is crucial to the Brit’s brand.

“Team LH Finland is losing members, Team LH Germany never really kicked off, and we haven’t heard from our Team LH Italy in 10 years.”

As fans in Team LH China left the circuit, many were able to see the positives from their idol’s dominant performance.

“It did give us plenty of time to take selfies during the race!”

*Momo, the Tinder of China.


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