Ferrari Team Orders Vettel Leclerc
Image © Scuderia Ferrari/3D Mail Results (Digitally Altered)

In breaking news, it’s been revealed Ferrari strategist’s were using Fortune Cookies to determine the fate of Charles Leclerc’s race.

“We discussed it in our technical briefing after Bahrain.” said Mattia Binotto.

The team opted for the Kong Foo Cookie selection which coincidentally is the 2nd best Fortune Cookie brand in China.

In a Reserve Drivers exclusive, we can reveal some of the Fortune Cookie messages that the team used to ruin Leclerc’s race.

“Do Whatever Seb Wants”

“Let Verstappen Undercut”

“Forget Mercedes, Fight Yourselves”

Ferrari’s use of the fortune cookies have clarified Binotto’s post race comments.

“Defeat taste like flour, sugar, vanilla and sesame seed oil.”

There were some at the Scuderia who opposed the cookies.

“Mattias was getting crumbs all over the pit wall!” said a race engineer.

“When I said we needed some luck, I didn’t mean this,” said Charles Leclerc.

The team conceded they won’t be bringing Fortune Cookie’s to Baku.

“We’re going try horoscopes. Charles is a Libra!”


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