Pierre Gasly Fastest Lap F1
Image © Formula 1/Red Bull

Red Bull Racing have announced they have extended Pierre Gasly’s contract until 2030, after he heroically secured 1 extra point for Fastest Lap in China.

“This proves all the haters wrong!” exclaimed Gasly.

The Frenchman, under pressure since joining the team, explained he finally felt vindicated.

“I never lost confidence in being able to drive at least one lap fast.”

The multi-year deal is reported to be worth multi-hundreds of dollars.

“We’ll have so much more money to spend on front wings,” explained a smug Christian Horner.

Verstappen is understood to be pleased with the signing, explaining he and Gasly have a purely professional relationship.

“We don’t spend much time together off the track… or on it to be honest.”

The team was quick to clarify that Gasly is in no way under pressure to perform.

“Red Bull has always been a safe and secure environment for our Number 2 drivers.” winked Dr Marko.

With much of the details still confidential, it’s been reported Gasly will be contractually obliged to keep the seat of his car at 20 degrees celsius at all times.

“We need that seat to be warm for whoever replaces him at the end of the year.”

“Er, sorry, no I meant in 2030…” winked Dr Marko, again.


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