F1 Daniil Kvyat Mclaren Chinese Grand Prix
Image © Formula 1/Twitter (Digitally Altered)

Of the back of the overwhelming success of their first series, Netflix has announced a new Formula 1 documentary series – Drive To Survive Daniil Kvyat.

The series will focus on the challenges, the trials and tribulations of driving against the Torpedo.

“It’s a 10 episode series, but we had material for 170” a Netflix spokesperson told us.

“Lap 1 of China will be its own special feature length episode!”

The series will feature interviews with drivers who have driven against Kvyat and lived to tell the tale.

“I’m scared for my life” one driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells the documentary

“I live everyday in fear”

Kvyat returned to his best on Lap 1 in China, steering into the McLaren’s of Sainz and Norris before eventually retiring later in the race.

“I enjoyed that a lot” Kvyat said after the race.

“For me, I’m starting to feel comfortable back in the car making other drivers feel really uncomfortable” the Russian told reporters.

“I’m really hitting my targets”

The new series is expected to launch on Netflix later in the year.

“We hope it’ll be a hit!” Netflix told us.

We’re sure it will be.


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