Scuderia Ferrari F1 Brendon Hartley Pascal Wehrlein
Image © Scuderia Ferrari

Leaked photos of former F1 drivers Brendon Hartley and Pascal Wehrlein wearing Ferrari uniforms have sent Maranello into meltdown.

Team Boss Mattia Binotto was quick to released a statement in an obvious attempt to damage control.

“This is a horrible look for our team, our brand and our country.”

“No true Tifosi, or Formula One for that matter, should ever have to see those driver’s in Ferrari red.”

“We apologise.”

The Italian press unforgivingly slammed the Scuderia, calling the photos “the worst look for Ferrari since Seb’s moustache.”

The Tifosi are understandably angry, with fans describing the moment they first saw the pictures.

“I nearly cry” one fan commented in broken English.

“I nearly vomit.” tweeted another.

Fearing a classic Tifosi witch hunt, both Hartley and Wehrlein have gone into hiding, first releasing the following statement:

“We are sorry for the disrepute we’ve caused Ferrari and the hurt we’ve inflicted onto the fans.”

‘It was never our intention to be seen wearing iconic Ferrari uniform, that’s why we agreed to only drive in the simulator.”

Whilst it has yet to be confirmed who leaked the brand damaging photos, Binotto has sensationally accused his predecessor of foul play.

“This stinks of Maurizio…”

It’s believed the Ferrari PR Team are in damage control and are tirelessly working to repair their tarnished brand.

“It’s called the Charles, Charles and more Charles marketing strategy, and it tests very well with… everyone..”


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