F1 Esports Max Verstappen
Image © sport.de

Formula One Esports Second Qualifying session is live around the world, with players taking to their consoles to see if they can match it with the best video game racers in the world.

Max Verstappen, a self-confessed gamer and self-confessed best racer in the world, participated, however his session was ruined after competitors passed him before his hotlap even begun.

“I’m finished right?!” Verstappen asked his friend who was still yet to have a go at playing.

Similar to qualifying in China, the Dutchman saw red and was caught screaming into his PS4 headset.

“You’re a bunch of f***ing wankers!” he yelled to the online lobby full of 12 year olds.

“I was trying to be nice, but you just f***ed it up!” he added.

Verstappen’s session rivals weren’t very forgiving in the lobby chat.

“Sucked in bad bro!” laughed GamerSeb005<3

“You’ve got zero chill dude” said RacingLord69

Things got ugly when the 12 year olds turned to the “Yo-Mama” jokes…

Despite not making it to the next round in the F1 Esports competition, Verstappen vowed to one day seek revenge on his online competitors.

“I’ll beat them at Fortnite.”


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