Max Verstappen Dr Helmut Marko
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The man tasked with giving Max Verstappen a competitive car, Dr Helmut Marko, has come out swinging, saying Red Bull need to give Max Verstappen a competitive car.

“Max Needs A Good Car” Said the man in charge of Max’s Car

The Red Bull Special Advisor and former Bond Villain spoke ahead of this weekend’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

“He is a brilliant talent, and we need to match that talent with an inconsistently third fastest unreliable package” Dr Marko told us.

“In car racing, you are really reliant on your car” the Austrian said, proving once again why he earns the big bucks as a Special Advisor.

It comes as there are rumours in the paddock the young Dutchman is in talks with Mercedes about a potential switch.

But Dr Marko quashed those rumours at his pre-race press conference.

“Max isn’t going anywhere – I’m seeing to it personally” Dr Marko said, laughing maniacally.

“Max knows our team and our goals and our program as well as he knows Q3 qualifying clock timing”

“He knows what we want to achieve – to continue to narrowly miss out on achievements – and he’s committed to us” Dr Marko confirmed.

“Now we just have to give him a good car, and we’re preparing some updates for Spain” Dr Marko said, “2021” he added.

However, Dr Marko stopped short of making the same declaration about embattled rookie Pierre Gasly.

“Who?” Dr Marko asked.


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