Alex Albon F1
Image © Toro Rosso/Instagram

Alex Albon is the only driver on the 2019 grid to not have an official Instagram Blue Tick next to his name.

What a disgrace.

We haven’t seen a greater injustice since Lewis Hamilton actually being allowed to use Instagram in the first place.

Shame on Instagram for not recognizing the 2019 Chinese GP ‘Driver of the Day’ and Toro Rosso superstar as a certified celebrity.

On January 31st 2019, the Reserve Drivers first broke the story of an investigation by the stewards for Albons lack of Instagram Blue Tick.

The Steward’s cited an absence of photos on Albon’s account that flaunted an attractive partner or indicated he has a personal trainer as the main reason for Instagram’s shun.

However 3 races into the F1 season, we think Albon has done enough to receive social media validation.

The man drove a P20 to P10 race, handles the media like a veteran and dealt with having Daniil Kvyat as a team mate better than anyone else has in the past.

What more does Instagram want from him?!

We at The Reserve Drivers will jump at any opportunity to seek justice, so in solidarity to our Thai-Brit brother, we have created a (real) petition.

Sign it. Rally for Alex and see that Instagram gives him that illustrious Blue Tick!

… Before he takes Pierre Gasly’s seat at Red Bull.

You can sign the petition here


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