Felipe Massa
Image © FIA F-E/XPB (Digitally altered)

Felipe Massa turns 38 today and has revealed that he celebrated his birthday a day too early.

“Yesterday, I woke up and thought it was my birthday,” a confused Massa told the Brazilian Press.

“All my family and friends were congratulating me on my birthday.”

“Even my old Ferrari engineers and mechanics sent me birthday messages!” he added, with tears welling.

Details of Massa’s celebration are scarce, but it was discovered that he spent most of the day in his Ferrari racing gear.

“It’s my birthday suit!” Massa said, blushing.

It was only until today, April 25th, that the 11 time race winner realised yesterday wasn’t his birthday and that he’d technically prematurely celebrated.

“I woke up today to a Facebook notification from a former Formula One driver.”

“It was Timo Glock,” he revealed with tears flowing, “he posted on my wall ‘happy birthday bro, luv 2 the family…”

“I was crushed.” Massa said, with tears welling, “this is 2008 all over again.” he added, with tears flowing.

Massa, visibly distraught whilst speaking to the Brazilian Press, took comfort in finding out he wasn’t the only man that got his birth date wrong.

“Lewis Hamilton thought it was your birthday yesterday too,” explained a journo.

Massa assured the press and the Brazilian people that this will never happen again.

“There’s nothing to celebrate in Formula E.”


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