Nico Hulkenberg F1 Renault Nerf
Image © YouTube/Renault F1 Team

Nico Hulkenberg has accepted a 10 place grid penalty for Sunday’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix after upgrading his Nerf gun.

His team fitted a new component to his Nerf gun after filming a Nerf gun fight sequence for Renault’s YouTube channel.

The FIA confirmed the German will drop 10 places on the grid for Sunday’s race.

It’s Hulkenberg’s third Nerf gun change in four races, and drivers are only allowed two changes before a punishment.

“This is bullsh*t!” Hulkenberg yelled upon hearing the news.

It’s further evidence of the troubles the team have had with the Renault powered Nerf guns.

“This is so un-Renault like to have reliability problems”

His teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, escaped these troubles, opting for an alternate strategy in Baku.

“Water pistols” Ricciardo confirmed.

“I’m going full wets” the Australian said, holding an opened bazooka under a bathroom tap.

However, there are reports the FIA and senior Renault officials have negotiated an alternative punishment.

“Nico’s agreed to be shot with another Nerf gun” an FIA source confirmed.


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