Williams George Russell Drain
Image © Formula 1/Twitter

On a dramatic day in Baku, a loose Williams driver has sensationally damaged a heritage drain cover.

Taking to the track in FP1, George Russell’s FW42 collided heavily with Drain Cover DC1009347B, bringing the session to a close.

The drain cover was taken away by the medical car for observation, but was later given the all clear by specialist plumbers.

“He’s in a serious but stable condition” an Azerbaijani plumber confirmed.

“That drain cover was one day away from retirement!”

To his credit, Russell walked down to the plumbing centre to check on the drain cover, and to personally apologise for his role in the incident.

“We deeply regret the damage we have caused, and unreservedly apologise to the drain cover, and to drain covers all around the circuit and the world” Williams said in a statement.

“WILLIAMS have a great respect for drain covers and the incredibly important role they play”

“The team have such fond memories of the drain covers here in Baku, and we hope that this drain cover makes a full and speedy recovery.

More to come.


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