FP1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix Bridge
Image © Formula 1/Twitter (Digitally Altered)

F1 stewards have launched a full blown investigation into the on-track action between the Baku Bridge and Recovery Truck during FP1.

The contact has been categorised as a Section 72.c.iii (a) under FIA regulations, and raised the eyebrows of the entire paddock.

“We haven’t seen anything this stupid since ….” explained one steward.

Whilst many pundits are noting the great defensive positioning from the Bridge, others are claiming fowl play on its behalf.

“The Bridge moved twice” offered Sky commentator David Croft.

“Also – get off that bridge!” Croft issuing a safety warning to Azerbaijani pedestrians.

“It was my racing line to take” fired back the Bridge.

Daniil Kvyat came out in defence of the recovery truck.

“Should have gone harder” Kvyat tweeted.

“Me and the recovery truck go back a loooong way, and it had track position”

Max Verstappen, following his experience with the Stewards over the winter, gave his opinion in a paddock pass interview.

“I thought it was good racing.”


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