Ferrari Mercedes F1
Image © REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

Following an eventful qualifying in Baku, Mercedes have insisted that they’re still underdogs in the fierce battle between their Italian rivals.

Despite their 3rd front row lock out for the season and a comfortable 3-tenths of a second pace advantage, the word out of Mercedes is that “Ferrari looks quicker.”

“I swear they’ve got the better car,” giggled Toto Wolff, whose team has won the last 5 World Championships.

The Team Principal assured everyone his team was in no way underestimating the Scuderia.

“Apart from the strategy fails, driver errors and lack of pace, they’re still a big threat.”

Wolff explained that even though Mercedes are 57 points ahead in the Constructors Championship, the title fight is much closer than it appears.

“They’ve got us beat in Free Practice.”

Lewis Hamilton also voiced his concern for Ferrari’s speed.

“I’m so worried about Seb being faster, that I couldn’t even enjoy Coachella last week.” said Lewis Hamilton.

Whilst Mercedes continue to portray themselves as the ‘wounded soldier’, Ferrari are experiencing inner turmoil as the title fight slips away from them.

“We’re quicker!” said Team Boss Mattias Binotto

“We’re definitely not quicker.” said Chief Technical Engineer Mattias Binotto.


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