Azerbaijan Grand Prix Turn 8
Image © White House/Pete Souza/Formula 1/Twitter

After claiming the cars of two top Formula 1 drivers (one if you count Kubica), the United Nations have declared Turn 8 in Baku as the deadliest place on earth.

“Turn 8 simply is a war zone” United Nations Secretary General António Guterres told the media.

Guterres, father of former Sauber driver Esteban, told the world’s media that a red alert had been issued for the embattled region after an extraordinary meeting of the security council.

“We’ve ordered an immediate evacuation of civilians between Turns 7 and 9 in Baku”

“We’re sending in specialist forces – Corner Force – to take control of the situation” Guterres confirmed.

“Too many innocent qualifying laps have been lost in that corner, and we cannot stand idly by while this corner claims more”

“If you had plans to travel to Turn 8 and the surrounding corners, we strongly advise you make alternate arrangements” the United Nations travel alert website reported.

The declaration comes with an immediate relief package, to be dropped in by aid helicopters over the corner.

“Food, blankets, medicine and, more importantly, road signs are on their way” a senior UN spokesperson told the world’s media.

There have been outpourings of support, with many high profile personalities putting their hands up to lend a hand.

“George Clooney jumped on the next available flight to Baku” a UN spokesperson said.

“Angelina Jolie wants to adopt young Charles Leclerc”

“No one should have to live at Ferrari. No one”

More to come.


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