Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix
Image © Formula 1/Shuttershock

Sleep Psychologists at a London University have confirmed footage from the 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix has successfully cured a patient’s insomnia.

The man had been suffering with the chronic condition for 29 years, and had tried dozens of different treatments and medications to no avail.

“But I watched 3 laps of Baku and I slept for 2 hours!” the man said.

“Best. Sleep. Ever”

“How did Leclerc end up???” the man asked.

Researchers are now applying for Government grants to run clinical trials of the race as a breakthrough insomnia treatment.

“I’ve never seen a treatment so effective so instantly” a senior professor of sleep disorders told us.

“If Mercedes keep scoring 1-2’s this season, we may wipe out insomnia forever!”

It comes as elite athletes including swimmers, footballers and track and field stars are reportedly using Mercedes victories as an alternative to sleeping tablets.

“I don’t need Stilnox anymore, I need Valtteri Bottas on medium tyres!” one athlete told us.


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