Mattia Binotto Ferrari F1
Image © XPB Images (Digitally Altered)

Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto has sensationally lashed out at Chief Technical Officer Mattia Binotto in a bizarre Baku altercation.

After yet another disappointing race for Ferrari that saw the team finish 3rd and 5th, Team Principal Binotto was seen running to a nearby mirror for an angry confrontation with Technical Officer Binotto, not for the first time.

Sources in the Ferrari garage reported seeing an exasperated Binotto waving his arms around in frustration in front of a bathroom vanity mirror, while an equally exasperated Binotto retaliated.

The exchange lasted approximately 25 minutes, with Binotto demanding answers from his Technical Director Binotto.

“Mattia asked Mattia a lot of probing questions” a senior source confirmed.

“However Mattia just kept firing back the same exact questions in response”

Clearly frustrated Team Principal Binotto then left the meeting, to confront the team’s chief strategist.

“That’s Binotto as well” a Ferrari insider confirmed.

Binotto was clearly unhappy with Binotto’s handling of Charles Leclerc’s lead, with many in the paddock suggesting Ferrari shot themselves in the foot by pitting Leclerc too late.

It comes amidst reports from Italian journalists that Binotto is facing accusations of ‘micromanagement’ and a failure to delegate, having taken on all the key roles himself.

“Mattia is leading from the front, and denies all allegations of micromanaging” Ferrari media manager Mattia Binotto told us.


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