Valtteri Bottas Mercedes Esteban Ocon
Image © Warner Brothers/Jerry Andre/XPB Images (Digitally Altered)

Valtteri Bottas was not only celebrating a magnificent win in Baku, nor regaining the lead of the Drivers’ Championship, but the fact he had successfully destroyed another Esteban Ocon Horcrux.

Another piece of Ocon’s soul was destroyed as Bottas, the man who’s seat Ocon was set to take next year, crossed the chequered flag in Azerbaijan to claim his second win of the season.

Ocon had hid seven parts of his soul in special objects, to protect them as he gathers his strength and prepares his forces for a full scale attack on the championship in 2020.

But the Frenchman shed a single tear, as the man he was supposedly to replace come 2020 took back the lead of the Drivers’ Championship and looked ever more in control of his Mercedes.

“Merde” Ocon whispered to himself en francais in parc ferme.

With his two race victories this season, Bottas has successfully destroyed two of these Horcruxes – Esteban’s reflector sunglasses and a baguette from his hometown boulangerie.

“2 down, 5 to go” Bottas tweeted.

However, there are still 5 pieces of Ocon’s soul out there for the Finn to find.

Will he find them in time?

It comes as Ferrari Team Principal and Harry Potter doppelganger Mattia Binotto is set to star in an Italian remake of the popular franchise.

The film combines J.K Rowling’s much loved legend, with the modern plight of Ferrari in the Chinese Grand Prix, where Ferrari asked Charles Leclerc to give way to Sebastian Vettel.

Mattia Binotter And The Team Orders Of The Phoenix opens in May.


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