Azerbaijan Grand Prix
Image © Storyblocks/Mercedes

A local Azerbaijani F1 fan has revealed he lost 750,000 Dollars or more accurately, 1,652,558.81 Manat on a bet he put on for the Azerbaijan GP.

“A Safety Car in Baku? I might as well put my house on it!” The Azerbaijani man said pre-race.

Instead he was far more sensible.

“I bet my entire life savings.”

“Come on! It was a sure lock.” said the man said, now currently dumbfounded and broke.

Unfortunately for the Baku resident, Sunday’s race shockingly saw no Safety Car.

“I tried to claim the Virtual Safety Car, but it didn’t count.”

“That’s how they [betting agencies] sting you!” he said.

The fan reportedly placed the bet on Sunday morning, just prior to the race.

“Trucks were hitting Bridges in FP1, can you blame me?”

The man explained his bet was an informed one, as he intensely researched the statistics and probability of Safety Cars in Azerbaijan GP, before handing his money over.

“I’m not an idiot.” he laughed momentarily.

“I went through the archives of Baku’s long and rich history… starting from way back in 2017.”

The fan also admitted the safety car wager wasn’t the only gamble that hurt his hip pocket.

“I had money on a Ferrari 1 2.”

“I was going to choose Mercedes, but they kept saying Ferrari was quicker.”

Asked if his major loss will deter him from betting again on F1, the man scoffed.

“Are you kidding me? I’ve got 400,000 Azerbaijani Manat riding on Ferrari to be clinical and calculated as they resurrect their season.”

“It’s a lock.”


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