Formula 1 Expert
Image © Formula 1 Twitter/ Flickr

An F1 fan has sensationally put his (self proclaimed) “F1 expert” reputation at risk, by dropping a bombshell to his friends, family and anyone who’ll listen.

“I’m going to go out on a limb here,” prefaced the man to his friends at the pub, “but I reckon Ferrari probably need a win this week in Spain.”

He continued, as his friends vaguely nodded.

“I watch the sport pretty closely and I’ve just got a feeling that a victory is important for their World Championship ambitions.”

The Insurance Broker by day, F1 Fantasy Manager by night explained he loves taking any opportunity he can to educate his non-F1-watching friends on the 2019 F1 season.

“They tell me to shut up, but deep down I know they want to hear about the new aero-packages.”

“I even took a date to Silverstone one day!”

The 37 year old oracle’s bold F1 punditry first gained notoriety when he secured a role on Sky F1’s Commentary Team.

“One of my tweets got read out on #AskCrofty” he said, proudly.

He went on to explain how his passion for Formula One first came about.

“I nearly broke the track record at Somerset Go Karts in 04’” he said.

“The owner said I had potential, but I have a dodgy knee, so that ruled out a career in F1…”

Before leaving the pub (and avoiding his turn to pay for a round of drinks), the man emparted a few more pearls of wisdom to his friends who were already slagging him off in a private group chat.

“I play F1 2017 so I know what it’s like to control a car… it’s not that hard.”


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