Mercedes F1 Mirrors
Image © Steven Tee/LAT images/Shuttershock/Auto Motor and Sport

Current World Champions Mercedes have been forced to develop more powerful rear view mirrors, because their competition is too far behind.

“We can’t see them, our mirrors are blank!” Lewis Hamilton told reporters in pit lane.

“We know they’re slow, but they can’t be that slow can they?”

Instead of bringing traditional upgrades to Barcelona, the team has instead focussed on building mirrors that are reflective enough to see hundreds of metres down the track.

“So we’re testing a much more powerful reflective material – the glass that Lewis makes his sunglasses out of” Mercedes Team Principal Toto Wolff told us.

The new mirrors are split in two, with one mirror focussing on seeing the Ferraris at the back of the straight, and a second angled mirror that can actually see back around the last three corners to the Red Bull.

“These new mirrors are so powerful, if you look into them you can actually see back to the last time Ferrari were competitive in 2008” Wolff said.

It’s hoped the upgrades will help Lewis and Valtteri keep tabs on their rivals.

“We’re also hopeful that the engine and aero upgrades for Seb and Charles will bring them closer in view”

“Our mirrors can only see so far back!”


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