George Russell F1 Grid Penalty
Image © Motorsport Images/Mercedes-Benz

A 5 place grid penalty for George Russell will see him start the Spanish Grand Prix from behind the medical car.

Understandably upset, Russell explained the Stewards’ decision was unnecessary.

“Driving this car is punishment enough,” he explained.

“It’s great news for us!” Medical Car driver Alan van der Merwe told us.

“We’re finally inside the Top 20!”

“We know on pace it’s going to be hard to stay there, but we’re confident we can nail Kubica”

The Stewards took no mercy as they reprimanded the team for a new gearbox installation following a crash in FP3.

“I was hoping to destroy more than the gearbox” said Russell.

The team, desperate to achieve former glory, were also reprimanded for the type of new gear box they installed.

“We tried to install a gear-box from 2015, but the Stewards wouldn’t let us.”

Russell, true to his character, attempted to see the positive side of the punishment.

“At least I’ll be able to get a decent slip stream from the medical car”

However, word late in the Paddock is that the medical car would also suffer a grid penalty

“We had to change the defibrillator” van der Merwe told us.

“The old one kept dying, which meant our patients were too”

“Damn Renault power”


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