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A short time Mercedes fan has been arrested by London Police, after publically suggesting that Ferrari is quicker than Mercedes despite another crushing defeat in Spain.

“Ferrari’s still quicker, I swear, we’re not as strong as you think we are!” Stated the man whilst discussing the race at his local pub.

Allegedly, the man argued that the fifth consecutive 1 2 by Mercedes “doesn’t mean anything in terms of the Championship…” Leaving friends and patrons furious.

“It was me who called the police,” said the man’s childhood friend and soon to be best man.

“I’ve just had enough!” continued the friend who is understood to support Williams.

When police arrived, the man, who is a member of #TeamLH, was reportedly shocked, resulting in an altercation which was caught on film by an onlooker.

“Wait, what?! Freedom of speech!?” screamed the man as he was being cuffed.

“Ferrari have the better package! Ferrari have the better package!”

“I regret nothing!”

Despite the Londoner’s best efforts, he was taken into custody overnight. He was charged on two counts of Public Nuisance and Hate Speech. Or as the arrested Officer put it;

“Acting like an absolute dickhead.”

“There’s no place for language like that in 2019” he said.

“What people say can be potentially damaging to certain groups of society,” continued the Police Officer who later revealed he was a long time Ferrari supporter.

The man is reportedly unrepentant and has requested a lawyer.

“I want the guy Renault used during CrashGate in 2008!” insisted the man.


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