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One of the most (and arguably only) exciting moments of the Spanish Grand Prix, was the Haas teammate battle after the Safety Car restart late in the race.

It seems everyone from commentators, spectators and fans were all giddy to see some feisty wheel-to-wheel action. Everyone, but Haas Team Boss Guenther Steiner.

And whilst F1 coverage was focussing on the overtaking efforts of Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen, Netflix cameras were glued onto Haas’ colourful Team Boss.

Steiner was one of the main reasons Netflix’s F1: Drive To Survive was successful, and as the company films for a second series, it’s clear they’re giving people what they want.

“The Gunt tested positive with our audiences, so the more Gunt the better,” said a Producer.

“As soon as Kevin and Romain starting fighting for position, we got all our cameras focussing on The Gunt” he added.

The Italian-born, Austrian-sounding, American-living Team Boss was ambushed by Netflix cameras as he attempted to delicately and clinically deal with two squabbling teammates.

“F@#$ing hell Romain!” he yelled.

“I can’t f@#$ing live like this” he muttered.

“They’re both not invited to the team dinner,” he assured.

Netflix confirmed they captured some intriguing footage, hinting at the possibility of a Guenther Steiner series spin off.

“Surviving The Gunt” teased the producer.

Despite some contact and minor floor damage to Grosjean’s car, Haas escaped from the fierce on track battle with both drivers still finishing in the top 10.

Steiner was painfully relieved as he phoned up Team Owner Gene Haas.

“We looked like wankers, Gene… again.” said The Gunt.


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