Daniel Ricciardo Monaco F1
Image © XPB Images/AAP

After finishing 17th in Thursdays FP2, Daniel Ricciardo has sensationally torn up his Monaco Pool Membership.

“What’s the point” Ricciardo sighed.

Ricciardo joined the pool last year, as he celebrated his win with Red Bull by taking a dive.

But after several rounds of disappointing results, the Renault recruit realised his chances of a post podium swim were slipping away.

“I really only swim once a career” Ricciardo conceded, “so it didn’t seem worth it”.

“No point paying $12,500 a fortnight if you’re not actually getting any use out of it”

“I hate to be one of those guys who cancels their exclusive Monte Carlo pool membership because they can’t be bothered going for a swim”

“But I’m not going to get a chance to have a swim this year, given my car is sh*thouse”

“That said, if I finish in the Top 12 I’ll dive in for sure!”

Ricciardo made headlines earlier in the year when he left the prestigious club to join a new French pool.

But upon joining the French centre, Ricciardo realised the pool wasn’t as promisig as first promised.

“I got stitched up – they hadn’t even filled it with water!”


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