F1 Fan Forced To Spend Friday With Family

F1 Monaco Grand Prix
Image © P.H/rhombi8.wordpress//Shuttershock

A London Formula 1 fan has been forced to spend Friday with family, with Monaco practice sessions being held on Thursday.

“This is killing me” the man said, listening to yet another story about his more successful second cousin Julian.

“Stupid Monaco!”

“Why can’t they practice on Friday like everywhere else?!?” he said as his Uncle showed him 47,000 photos from his Egyptian river cruise.

With no Formula 1 on TV to distract him, the fan, who did not wish to be identified, was forced to spend the day staring at the wall while Aunt Fran and Grandma Mona trapped him in conversation.

Rescuers attempted to free the man, but gave up after 7 long hours.

“He was stuck in a story with his Grandmother” an emergency services volunteer told us.

“We train for every scenario, but some are just too dangerous”

The emergency escalated when the fan forgot his F1TV password, meaning he couldn’t even watch classic races or highlights.

“I had to watch Judge Judy and eat Nan’s shortbread” he told us.

“She brought out the hard shortbread too, not the softs!”

The fan is said to be in a serious but stable condition


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