Even Ferrari’s Clocks Are Slow

F1 Ferrari Charles Leclerc Qualifying
Image © Sky Sports/YouTube/Kacper Perschke/Wikimedia Commons

After Charles Leclerc sensationally missed out on Q2 in Monaco, Ferrari officials have conceded that even their clocks are slow.

“Our clocks just didn’t have the pace today” Team Principal Mattia Binotto confirmed.

Ferrari chose not to send Leclerc out for a second Q1 lap, believing they were safe and that their rivals didn’t have time to catch up.

But they were wrong.

“We’ve been a few tenths off all weekend, but all of a sudden in Q1 our clocks were 2 minutes off the pace” Mattia Binotto told us.

Ferrari are working on a fix to solve the problem ahead of Sunday’s race.

“We think it’s a power unit problem – the batteries ran out” Binotto said.

“We’ve changed them, but that’s a 5 place grid penalty per battery”

“We’re hoping to bring a clock upgrade in time for Canada”

It comes in stark contrast to Ferrari’s preseason form.

“In preseason testing, our clocks were setting a record pace! We scored a top time of 54 minutes per hour – that’s lightning pace!” Binotto reiterated.

“But we haven’t managed to come anywhere near that since”

“F**king clocks”


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