Ferrari Leclerc Monaco F1
Image © Formula 1/Twitter

After failing to send Charles Leclerc out at the end of Q1 in Monaco, Ferrari strategists have today launched a brand new initiative – Mission Notnow

“We want to inspire the next generation” a Ferrari press release reads.

“It’s all about not taking your opportunities and not seizing the moment”

“And about waiting until it’s too late to do anything about it”

Ferrari strategists insisted Leclerc was safe after his initial Q1 run, but instead the Monegasque was tenths off and had to settle for 16th.

“F**************k” Leclerc screamed, settling for 16th.

Leclerc has been asked by Ferrari to be an ambassador for the new initiative.  

“Not now” he told them.

“Yes! That’s exactly what we want to hear!” Ferrari’s press officer replied.

When asked about the incident, Leclerc told reporters he was seeking assurances from Ferrari strategists that they made the right call.

“I asked if they were sure, and they told me ‘we think we are’” Leclerc said.

“I then asked if they were sure that they thought they were sure, and they said ‘we’re not sure’”

We’re not sure what he means.


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