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Sebastian Vettel has put his SF90 into the wall during FP3 in Monaco.

Tifosi heart’s sunk as Vettel lost control of the car going into Sainte Devote, seeing damage to the Front Wing and Suspension.

The recovery of the Ferrari was quick, comprehensive and cool, leading many to believe that the Monaco Marshalls handle the Ferrari better than Seb.

“They were dominant,” said one commentator.

“They delivered under pressure!” said another.

“Monaco Marshalls for President!” said an F1 fan who loves to make posters.

It wasn’t just fans who were pleased by the swift and speedy performance of the Marshalls, with Vettel’s mechanics equally as impressed.

“We haven’t seen the car be looked after so well out on track!”

The Marshalls lifted the SF90 off the track and returned it to the Ferrari garage before the Ferrari strategists worked out what happened…

… That took around 15 minutes.

As many Tifosi sharpened their pitchforks, some fans and pundits alike have argued Seb’s inability to handle the car was understandable.

“Cut him some slack, he had cold tyres” said every commentator that was a former driver.

“We were cold too,” said one Marshall.

“It’s only 20 degrees celsius out here!” he added.

One Marshall commented on how nervous they were when retrieving the car.

“We just didn’t want to spin it.”

So who do you think has better control of the Ferrari?

Seb or the Monaco Marshalls?


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