Image © George Russell Instagram / Planet F1

George Russell had his most successful finish in Formula One following the chequered flag in Monaco.


Now, whilst you recuperate and regain your breath, it’s no surprise that the Young Brit was absolutely thrilled post race!

“P15?! P15?! P15?!” he mumbled in schock, shaking and barely able to speak.

“Don’t say things you don’t mean!?” he yelled at reporters.

“This better not be one of those sick practical jokes?!”

After several hours of assuring Russell he had really secured a race finish that wasn’t a P19 or P20,  Russell began to seize the moment.

“This is the greatest moment in my racing career.”

“When I was a kid, I dreamt of crossing that line in P15!” he twinkled.

Russell was even more ecstatic when he was informed that he beat two Alpha’s and a Force Whatever the F$#% They’re Called Point.

“Surely they all DNF’d?!” asked the astounded driver.

Russell quickly made his intentions clear that he and the team were going to celebrate this historic feat in the most extreme, wild and debaucherous way possible.

“Like Kimi.”

It’s understood Russell and Williams staffers have used Kimi Raikkonen’s infamous 2012 in season 16 day long bender as inspiration for their P15 celebrations.

“I’ve always looked up to Kimi, on and off the track,” said Russell.

“I’ve already got someone making ‘Bwoah P15’ shirts for everyone who comes!

When asked how long he and his team intend to party for, Russell cheekishly replied,

“We’re going to be partying for longer than one of my outlaps!”


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