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It’s a sad day for the F1 Social Media Troll Community as they have lost one of their very own.

Notorious Formula One hater, @drivebutdontsurvive has revealed he has quit social media following the “surprisingly okay” Monaco Grand Prix race.

Indeed, the man was confident this years Monaco running would be as boring as others that have come before it.

“I’ve said a lot of shit about Monaco over the years,” the hater confirmed, before reading out some of his previous tweets about Monaco.

“Monaco = snoozefest #noovertaks #snore”

“IF fOne care about there fanz then they will remove monaco gp OFf the calendur”

“F@# u Libty Meedia doGs, F@$# da Monaco rac #f1bastards

The Troll explained he was shook as he watched the race and realized this year was different.

“There were actually some exciting moments” he shamefully admitted.

“It was pretty interesting at times” he added, with a single tear emerging.

The man, who for obvious safety reasons wishes to remain anonymous, revealed he was left with no choice but to quit all social media platforms.

“Hating on the Monaco race is what I’ve lived for, and it’s been taken away from me.”

“What’s the point of even being an F1 Troll if you can’t hate on the Monaco GP?” Pondered the man.

“Well, there is Ferrari I guess…”  

It’s rumoured the man has created a new twitter account called, @byebyebinotto.


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