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Despite every single commentator, every Pitwall Analyst and almost every driver telling us there was a 90% chance of rainfall in Monte Carlo, the Monaco GP was a dry race.

And in breaking news, it has been confirmed that a week on, it still is yet to rain.

“It’s been drier than the Sahara!” said one Monte Carlo resident.

“The only downpour was Lewis Hamilton’s crying on the radio during last weeks race.”

Even though there has yet to be a drop of rain since, Monegasque Meteorologist have maintained their prediction was correct and that rain is imminent.

“It’s going to rain any minute now!” one said.

“In fact, there’s still a 99% chance!” another added as he sunbathed on a private yacht.

Many people have questioned how the Meteorologists can have made such a bad call, given all the technology and resource at their hands.

“It happens at Ferrari each race!” scolded a defensive weather scientist.

Some fans were quick to suggest the rain prediction was a scandalous rumour by Liberty Media to make fans watch the race.

“They’re getting desperate!” commented a fan.

“Jokes on them because after lap 20 of the race I switched off and watched the rainfall radar instead…”

“The possibility of rain was much more thrilling than the inevitability of a Mercedes victory.”


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