F1 2019 Daihatsu
Image © Mercedes/Daihatsu

Forget Porsche, Japanese automative powerhouse Daihatsu has revealed they had developed and tested a power unit for a potential entry into Formula 1 in 2021. 

The Japanese crapbox manufacturer was rumoured to have given due consideration to a Formula 1 program, and was part of the process of developing new engine regulations for 2021 and onwards. 

However, Daihatsu pulled the plug on the project, instead setting it’s sights on a Daihatsu specific series – the rather unfortunately named Formula D. 

“We should probably work on making cars properly before we focus on F1 tbh” 

Reports confirmed the company had it’s most accomplished engineers and engine developers working on the top secret project. 

“We managed to develop a power unit that could go up to 20 miles per hour! That’s faster than our road cars!” one engineer told us.

“But it gets quite hot and prone to explosion if it gets near 25”

It comes as Porsche revealed a similar plan this week that was terminated by parent company Volkswagen. 

Other rivals were concerned about a new entrant

“We were quaking in our boots about Daihatsu” a spokesperson for fellow Japanese manufacturer Honda told us. 

Daihatsu has a rich history in motorsport 

“We’re really proud that many of our cars have featured heavily in the carparks of many famous racetracks over the world”

F1 officials wouldn’t be drawn on the development, but senior officials are said to be frustrated by Daihatsu’s decision. 

“It’s hard to imagine the F1 grid without Daihatsu” Formula One’s chief executive Colonel Sanders Impersonator Chase Carey told us. 

“Ultimately it’s the fans who suffer – they won’t get to see Daihatsu vs Dacia out on track!”

“But Dai-hats off to them for trying”

It comes amidst rumours the team had already signed it’s first driver, Kimi Daikkonen.

When asked about these reports, Kimi bwoahed at speculation. 

“Bwoah” Kimi bwoahed. 


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