Image © / Credit: PA: Press Association/The Sun

In unprecedented circumstances, the Tifosi have announced they’ve turned ‘Scouser’ in a bid to support a team in Red that can actually win something.

“Forza Liverpool!” the Tifosi chanted!

It’s understood watching Liverpool FC celebrate their most recent Champions League Title was enough for the Ferrari to convert to Scouser-ship.

“Red has no looked that good since 2007,” said Franco, the Fiercely Loyal Ferrari Fan.

“I forget what Red on top podium looks-a-like!” said another member of the Tifosi in broken English.

The former Ferrari fanbase has taken big steps in attempting to assimilate with Liverpudlian culture.

“Grande Beatles!” yelled one fan!

“You Will Never Eat Alone!” sung another!

“Vai Mo Salah-mi!” they chanted as one.

It’s believed the Tifosi intend to show devout loyalty to their new team Liverpool FC.

“Until they lose, then we want Team Boss sacked!” Head Tifosi representative said.

“And the players.” He added.


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