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Following their controversial decision to hand Sebastian Vettel a 5-Second Time Penalty during the Canadian GP, the F.I.A Stewards have been put into Witness Protection.

“We fear for their safety,” said a concerned Jean Todt.

“Apparently some people aren’t happy at their decision…”  he added.

It wasn’t just Sebastian Vettel nor Ferrari who were left furious at the Stewards’ punishment, but rather just about F1 fan watching.

“In all my time watching racing, I haven’t seen a decision as bad as this!” posted a fan online.

“What about Fernando joining McLaren?” replied a friend.

“The FIA work for Mercedes!” tweeted a long time conspiracy theorist, who’s following barrage of threatening tweets about the F.I.A were taken down by Twitter on account of ‘graphic content.’

The Stewards revealed they’ve been ambushed with threats ever since the race was over and Vettel lost his victory.

“We were met by a group of Ferrari workers outside the paddock!” said one Steward.

“I thought they were going to bash us, but instead they approached and gave us the kiss of death…. Even worse!”

Another steward spoke of the damaging toll the past 24 hours has been.

“My wife has left me,” he said, crushed.

“She thought it should have just been a racing incident.”

It’s understood the Stewards have been taken to a safe and secure undisclosed location, where they will stay until the controversy and angst boils over.

“Definitely not Toto Wolff’s house…” coughed a Steward suspiciously.


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