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Be it the luxurious Monte Carlo streets or the rich forestry in Spielberg Austria, Formula One races on the most stunning and picturesque racing tracks in the world.

Circuit Paul Ricard is not one of them.

Infact, such an eyesore is the French circuit that it looks more like a Pac-Man maze than an F1 track.

“It’s bloody confusing,” said everyone.

The track is ‘famously’ known for it’s optional track layouts, and iconic’ blue and red run off areas.

“They actually hurt me eyes,” said one tv viewer

“I have to turn the brightness down on the TV!” they added.

With the many different chicane and corner variables those in the gaming world have alluded to the tracks similarity to Pac-Man.

“I thought it was Namco’s latest edition of the game.” said an F1 Esports competitor.

A Namco representative has spoken about the possibility of launching a 2019 F1 Edition of Pac-Man.

We sent him the following suggestion:

The head of Sebastian Vettel trawling the track for lost pace whilst being chased by the ghosts of the Stewards, who presumably fell at the hands of the Tifosi following the Canadian GP decision.

We can already see it in arcades across the world, which is fitting because the last time arcades were popular were when Ferrari was winning World Championships.


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