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The F.I.A Stewards have launched an investigation into the Formula One Group’s “No- Release” of 2021 Rules.

Following the release of the much anticipated regulations being delayed yet again, the Stewards are left with no choice but to investigate the incident.

“We didn’t want this.” said a quivering Steward.

“Please, I beg of you, don’t make me investigate anything ever again!” cried another Steward.

It’s evident the F.I.A Race Control team have been rocked following the controversy that followed their Vettel penalty in Canada.

“I haven’t left my house.” one said.

“I asked for the Monza GP weekend off…” said another.

Alas, the Stewards must investigate and come to a conclusion as to who was in the wrong, and who was in the right.

Head Steward, who wishes to remain nameless for security reasons offered the following comment:

“The F1 Executives have been pushing for the 2021 rules to be finalised, but the Teams keep closing the door on a deal.”

“We’ll analyse the footage of the meeting and see if the Execs could have done something different.”

We asked both parties involved for their comments.

“They’d have to be absolute blind men to penalise us!” said Chase Carey.

“What more could we possibly do?!” argued Ross Brawn.

“This isn’t the way we wanted the meetings to go…” said Toto Wolff on behalf of the 10 teams.

As the Stewards reluctantly adjudicate the “No-Release” of the 2021 Rules, the fans are left to reluctantly believe that the new regulations will actually make a difference.

Only time will tell.


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