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In last weeks Canadian GP, Kevin Magnessun was chastised from his team for describing the driving of his Haas as “the worst experience I have ever had…”

Sensational, the Dane has recently admitted he wrong to say that.

“Drinking Rich Energy is by far the worst experience ever.” K-Mag asserted.

“I’ll drive Gene’s car around all day if it means I don’t have to even look at a can of Rich Energy” he shivered.

Magnussen explained he first tasted the new energy drink upon arriving at Rich Energy CEO William Storey’s cabin in the woods.

“He had trained Elk to serve the drinks to us as we walked in,” Magnussen explained.

“It was the worst thing I have tasted in my life, and I grew up on Danish cuisine…”

Many have been quick to accuse the feisty driver of being ungrateful for the opportunity to sample the ‘revolutionary’ energy drink.

“We can’t find it?!” said every member of the general public.

“Does it even exist?” they wondered.

Magnussen said he apologised to the engineers and mechanics after his Team Radio outbursts last week, but claimed he refuses to apologize to Rich Energy and/or their CEO.

“He can suck my balls!” quipped Magnussen, as if he’s said that before.

It is rumoured that not everyone in Haas is totally opposed to the drink, with Team Boss Guenther ‘The Gunt’ Steiner explaining his liking towards it.

“I was addicted to it.”

“I was drinking it more than I was swearing.”

“But eventually I gave up… Enough is enough.”

If you or anyone you know has tasted Rich Energy OR has the ability to purchase it, please get in contact with us.

We owe it to our podcast to taste it live on air…


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