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Guenther Steiner has arrived at Circuit Paul Ricard and for the ever-popular Haas Team Boss, it marks a return to where it all began.

The 2018 French GP saw the Gunt (as he is affectionately known as) announce himself as the ultimate savage in the F1 paddock.

A series of shutdowns, dismissals and refusal to feed Romain Grosjean (as documented on Drive To Survive) imposed the Stein as man not to be messed with.

“Even I was scared!” whimpered Dr. Helmet Marko, G.Q’s 7 Time Winner of Most Scary Man.

Honey G (see our latest episode), was nostalgic upon setting foot on the hallowed pit-lane where he first scolded Grosjean for whinging.

“Ah, dis brings bek memories!” he said in his Italian/Austrian/little bit American accent.

The G-Train spoke of how the footage aired on the Netflix documentary from last years French race has changed his life.

“I’m a rockstar now.”

When asked if he plans to replicate last year’s savagery, the G-Banger was measured in response.

“No, enough is enough.”


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