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FIA Stewards have confirmed a bollard at the Paul Ricard circuit has been given a 5 second time penalty for an incident with Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton was on a flying lap, when the bollard pushed him wide. Hamilton lost control, spun into the bollard, driving over the cone before heading off track.

“Did you see that?” Hamilton said to Bono a micro-second after the incident.

Turn 4 incident between Car 44 (Hamilton) and Bollard 4 (Bollard) to be investigated by the stewards after the session, the on screen graphic read.

“He squeezed me off the track” Lewis radioed.

“You squeezed him Lewis, you ran over him” Bono bit back.

“Man…. you just can’t do that” Lewis insisted.

The bollard insisted he was doing his job of being a bollard, and had no intent of pushing Hamilton wide.

“I feel a little deflated” the bollard wheezed.

“I wasn’t happy but I think I have reason not to be happy” the bollard said.

A representative of the bollard confirmed he would be appealing the penalty at a special meeting of FIA officials next weekend in Austria.

“We have additional evidence” the bollard’s team told us.

What do you think? Should the bollard be punished?

More details as they come to hand.


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