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In FP1 at Circuit Paul Ricard, Pierrge Gasly has finally gone quicker than teammate Max Verstappen.

The Frenchmen was thrilled when the time sheets revealed he had put in the quickest Blue Zone Run-Off Sector time.

“Incroyable!” Gasly exclaimed!

The native was one of the many drivers who ran wide and subsequently across the infamous Blue Zone Run Off areas.

“See, told you I was quicker than Max!” he beamed.

“I’ve gone Purple in the Blue!”

Pressure has been mounting on the youngster since joining Red Bull, however the scenes in the team garage were joyous.

“When it comes to the Blue Zone Run Off Sectors, it’s clear Pierre has got Max covered.” said Dr Helmet Marko.

“We always knew that about him.” he added.

“Circuit Paul Ricard gives Pierre a chance to show his full potential in the car!” chimed in Christian Horner.

It’s clear both the team and Gasly want to ensure the positive results from Friday keep coming throughout the rest of the weekend.

“We’ve given Pierre free license to really push in the Blue Zones.” instructed Christian Horner.

“It’s Gassy Time!” said Gasly’s raceday engineer.


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