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On January 31st 2019, we first noticed Toro Rosso’s Alex Albon was the only F1 driver on the grid without a Blue Tick of Celebrity Approval from Instagram.

We hate injustice, so we wrote an article about it.

On April 23rd 2019, nothing had changed.

As fans who care about the big issues of the sport, this didn’t sit well with us, so not only did we write another article, but we started a real-life petition.

We urged fans (22ms) to sign it to help us give Albon the validation he deserves.

It is with great joy that was can confirm, the Thai-Brit has recently been given the Instagram Blue Tick.

Excuse me while I compose myself.

This is a watershed day for not only Alex, but for us, because whilst we can’t technically confirm it was our petition (which over 250 people signed) affected the change, we’ll certainly claim it.

People power works!

If only there were some more major issues facing the future of the sport that we could campaign for….

Go well, Alex and remember us when you get “insta insta” famous.


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