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Ferrari have sensationally cancelled their Sky Sports F1 Package Subscription.

It’s understood the Scuderia were hopeful that presenter Karun Chadhok’s ‘Vettel/Hamilton Incident’ analysis would be sufficient evidence to help them win the appeal.

It wasn’t.

“We thought they were kidding,” commented one member of the F.I.A.

Prior to the hearing, Ferrari Sporting Director Laurent Mekies publicly stated the team had “overwhelming” evidence to support their case.

He was shocked to find out the Chadhok analysis didn’t budge the F.I.A’s opinion.

“They couldn’t handle the Chandhok!” he yelled.

In a stunning state of affairs, the Scuderia have since turned on Chandhok and Sky Sports, blaming them for their appeal loss.

“We’ve cancelled our subscription.”

“Sky Sports is a bigger waste of money than our 2019 engine.”

“We’re boycotting Martin’s Gridwalk too!”

Rumours suggest the Chandhok vision wasn’t the only ploy by the Scuderia to assist their appeal, with one insider revealing another interesting piece of information.

“They begged on their knees.”


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