Image © AFP/F1 Twitter

After being handed a 5 second penalty in Canada for an unsafe rentry, Sebastian Vettel has been handed yet another penalty – this time by himself.

Vettel gave himself the 1.4 second penalty for being 1.4 seconds off the pace of Lewis Hamilton in qualifying.

“It’s not fair” Vettel said after the session.

“My car is killing qualifying” he moaned.

Vettel and Team Principal Mattia Binotto were later seen leaving the FIA tent after qualifying, in a bid to appeal the penalty.

“We have new outstanding evidence that Sebastian wasn’t so slow” Binotto said.

“I would have done the same if I was that slow” Lewis Hamilton told Sky Sports.

However 15 minutes later the FIA ruled there would be no appeal by the Scuderia.

“They were just really slow today” an FIA statement after the hearing read.


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