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Renault have confirmed they wish to appeal the two time penalties handed down to Daniel Ricciardo post race in France.

The home team have revealed they have “overwhelming evidence” to prove Ricciardo was not at fault.

“We will be using Antony Davidson’s Analysis from his Sky Pad segment,” confirmed Team Boss Cyril Abiteboul.

“Dan-i-yell did nothing wrong!” added the thickly accented Frenchman

The decision to use Davidson’s analysis comes just days after Ferrari controversially used Karun Chandhok’s segment to appeal Vettel’s Canadian GP penalty to the F.I.A.

[That’s not even a joke, Ferrari actually did that.]

Unlike the rest of the F1 world, Renault didn’t see a problem with it.

“Nothing says objectivity, accuracy and coherent insight like Sky’s F1 coverage,” said the incoherent Abiteboul.

“Anything Ferrari can do, we can also try and do too… just a lap slower,” he added.

Renault will take selected footage of Sky presenter Antony Davidson’s analysis of the Ricciardo-Norris-Raikkonen last lap incident to the stewards.

“We originally wanted Chandhok but Davidson will have to do.” said the French works team.

“In fact we’re looking into both men as possible replacements for Nico 2020,” said the Team Boss who earlier in the week mentioned he’s keeping driver line up options open for next year.

The appeal will take place before the Austrian GP, however early signs don’t look good for Renault.

“The only time we pay attention to Sky’s coverage is when Paul Di Resta’s on,” sarcastically giggled one of the officiating Stewards.

Did Ricciardo and Renault deserve the penalty?

Will Davidson save them?

Let us know in an analysis of your very own… It can’t be any worse than Sky’s.


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