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In Free Practice One, Nico Hulkenberg was one of the many drivers to fall victim to the infamous Austrian Sausage Kerbs.

Hulkenberg ran wide at turn 9, and battled his Renault over the embracive kerbs leading to front wing and nose damage.

It’s also been revealed that the BBQ in Hulkenberg’s cockpit (exposed in France) cooked the Austrian Sausage Kerbs as he drove over them.

“They were sizzling!” said one track marshall, who went over to them whilst collecting debris from Hulkenberg’s wing.

“To be fair, they were already grilling from the heat wave here in Austria,” Marshall added.

Hulkenberg’s BBQ addition was part of the upgrades the French team brought to their home race last week.

“It really allows me to get on the gas!” the Hulk explained.

Others have blamed the BBQ set up for Hulk’s worrying qualifying record compared to his team mate (1-7).

“The tongs and 12 kilograms worth of beef in the barge boards are slowing him down,” said Sky’s David Croft.

It’s understood that post grilling, the Austrian Sausage Kerbs were taken to pitlane for anyone who was a tad hungry.

“I’ll have one,” said McLaren’s Zak Brown

“Enough is enough, Zak,” said fellow Team Boss Guenther Steiner.


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