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True to his word, Max Verstappen has headbutt the first journalist who asked him about his crash in FP2.

“I’m sick of all the questions,” Verstappen said in response to the criticism he received after consecutive crashes early last year.

“I’m still sick of them,” he yelled as he lunged – head first – into the interviewers skull.

This has been Verstappen’s first driver error since Monaco 2018, and his first blow up since his weight room bout with Esteban Ocon.

“It’s good to have old Max back!” said the fans.

“We love our Stap’ angry!” they agreed.

The journalist whom Verstappen attacked is unknown. Such was the force of Verstappen’s head onto theirs, that the journalist’s face was disfigured and unidentifiable.

“Just like the rear to Max’s car…” said another journalist as he ran away from a rampaging Verstappen.

It is believed that Max was stopped from entering the Mercedes garage as he hunted for Esteban Ocon so he could “punch out the anger.”

The F1 Media fraternity have been put on notice and have agreed that they’ll interview Verstappen in numbers, and only ask about the crash when security is present.


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