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In all the glorious chaos that ensued during the final few laps of the Austrian Grand Prix, it seems many fans (including us) missed Robert Kubica being voted F1’s Driver of the Day.

It wasn’t just the F1 community who were left puzzled at how the Pole won the award, with leading Physicists around the world just as confused.

“Even Quantum Mechanics can’t explain this!” said a distraught Physicists from the University of Oxford.

“Not even our Mechanics can…” affirmed Williams.

“He was lapped 3 times, once by his team mate… it doesn’t add up,” the Physicist added whilst aggressively writing on a chalkboard.

It’s believed some of the finest minds in physics have been racking their brains to try and make sense of what happened.

“Perhaps it happened in a quanta-alternate reality?” one hypothesized.

“Perhaps… in 2008?” another responded.

The news has sent waves through the F1 Paddock with some drivers unhappy at being snubbed for the coveted award.

“I got overlapped by my teammate too!’ said Pierre Gasly.

“I had such a difficult car to drive,” cried Lewis Hamilton.

“I’m the Driver of the Decade,” boasted Max Verstappen.

It’s believed that William’s are set to appeal the decision to award Kubica Driver of the Day.

“This isn’t good for F1…” Claire Williams suggested. 

Whilst Kubica has refused to comment on his recent award, it is believed his management will use it as a bargaining chip for re-negotiations on his contract.

“We’ll be asking for a 5 year contract extension at 45 million Euro a year…”


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