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A British family lives and breathes Formula One and in risk of people not truly appreciating how much the Chapel family love the sport, they’ve named their newborn after iconic Silverstone corners.

“Maggots Beckett Chapel was born July 8th 2019,” post the Chapel family on their joint instagram account.

John and Jenny Chapel were in great spirits as the fawned over their beloved new-born.

“I haven’t seen anything this beautiful than the McLaren MP4/4!” said John Chapel.

“It’s great to see us get the most out of John’s package,” said Jenny.

The couple were proud to inform family and friends of their daughter’s name.

“Silverstone is our favourite track and Maggot is our favourite corner – it just makes sense.” 

“I think it’s a fantastic name,” said Jenny’s Mother.

“I would have gone for Copse,” said Jenny’s Father.

John and Jenny explained just how happy and relieved the successful birth of their cherished Maggots Becketts.

“We haven’t been this relieved since the Steward’s chose not to penalise Max in Austria.”

The couple explained their want for a large family.

“There’s 18 corners in Silverstone, so we better get busy,” they laughed.


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