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There are growing concerns for the welfare of Daniel Ricciardo, after reports he has shunned a Ferrari seat for Renault.

“We’re worried” a family friend told us.

“He must not be thinking straight”

Reports out of France suggest Renault insisted on concussion testing Ricciardo on hearing the news, a test he is rumoured to have failed.

“To be fair, it was a Renault concussion test, so it was poorly put together and difficult to comprehend”

Rumours in Le Formula 1 Magazine suggest the test asks particpants to name the last time Renault won a race.

“Anyone who can remember is clearly concussed”

Ricciardo’s family held a press conference in front of Australian media, begging the Honey Badger to seek reason.

“We know he likes to be the underdog, but this is too much”

“Daniel, if you’re reading this, please, please, please – give Binotto a call!”

A family spokesperson said they had received word from Ricciardo, who had written a letter to them to calm their concerns.

“We haven’t received it yet” the spokesperson confirmed.

“He just has to lick the stamp and send it”


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